Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking Could Change the Way Oregon Cities Develop

Have you heard of the Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking? These rules have the potential to change the way our cities develop (for the better) and are worth learning more about! The rules could make our cities more livable, walkable, and have a big impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the state.

These new rules proposed by the Land Conservation and Development Commission aim to address greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation sector and our built environment by guiding how our cities develop and grow.

The transportation sector is the largest source of Oregon’s GHG emissions, and the way our cities have grown in the past has catered to auto-dependent lifestyles heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Oregon is not on track to meet its GHG emission reduction goals and urgently needs to address emissions caused by short-sighted land use planning.

The new rules will require many cities to create “Climate Friendly Areas”, which are intended as mixed-use neighborhoods where residents, workers, and visitors can meet most of their needs without having to drive. The rules design communities in a way that encourages safe and high-quality pedestrian, bicycle, and transit infrastructure as alternatives to driving.

If you are interested in learning more or testifying in support of the rules, LCDC will be considering and hearing testimony on the draft rules at their March 31–April 1 meeting.

You can find the materials for that meeting here, sign up for public comment here, and watch the livestream here.

And check out Rogue Advocates comments in support of the proposed rules below!