Land Use Monitoring & Advocacy

Land Use Monitoring & Advocacy

Rogue Advocates works both the proactive and the defensive angles of land use advocacy, tracking land use proposals that raise sustainability and livability concerns while also creating a forward looking vision for smart and responsible land use in our region. 

Rogue Advocates maintains a comprehensive land use tracking program in Jackson and Josephine counties. We monitor land use proposals at the city and county levels, and when any proposal raises concerns pertinent to our organization’s public interest mission, we take the appropriate level of action to address these concerns.

The mission of Rogue Advocates is to advocate for a more livable and sustainable Rogue Valley through responsible land use. To that end, our land use tracking focuses on land use proposals that raise livability and sustainability concerns. Specifically we monitor proposals that have a strong likelihood to:

  • Decrease farmland, forestland or open space
  • Increase vehicle miles traveled/congestion/carbon emissions
  • Decrease opportunities for alternative transportation (i.e. biking, walking, public transit)
  • Negatively impact water quality or water quantity
  • Harm habitat for critical species

Oregon has a strong land use system with a range of sustainability goals and laws that protect our valuable resources and all that we love about our state. The statewide land use system also requires that cities and counties comply with these laws. Rogue Advocates also monitors local land use proposals for compliance with these state laws that protect resource lands (i.e. farmland and forest lands), open space, clean air and water and call for affordable housing, a range of transportation options and citizen involvement.

Rogue Advocates recognizes that endless growth threatens the preservation of farmland, forestland, open space, wildlife habitat, and livability that we treasure in the Rogue Valley. With that in mind, Rogue Advocates participates in issues as they arise that need attention.