Rogue Advocates Appeals Ashland Annexation

On December 15th the City of Ashland approved the 17-acre “Grand Terrace” annexation at the northern edge of the City’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) along the west side of Highway 99. Rogue Advocates is highly-supportive of Ashland’s efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing, particularly within mixed-use, transit, bike, and pedestrian-oriented developments. Additionally, Rogue Advocates supports developments that serve to satisfy housing needs in ways that are consistent with state and local laws and policies, and which have been well-planned with public safety as a major consideration. Ashland’s Grand Terrace annexation approval fails in all of these respects and, accordingly, Rogue Advocates has filed an appeal to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).

In reviewing the annexation request, the City’s Planning Commission and Transportation Commission both cited extremely dangerous access-related issues and acknowledged that the proposal “doesn’t meet the applicable criteria.” Ashland’s City Council did not consider the numerous comments by Ashland citizens as well as their own appointed commissioners before approving the annexation.

For further information about the annexation, go to the City of Ashland’s Grand Terrace Annexation page or contact Craig Anderson at